Tassel Pendant in Sterling Silver

Tassel Pendant in Sterling Silver

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This pendant pairs the geometric Art Deco style with the organic tassel, inspired by Possum Grapes, as staple crop for the Chickasaw.


Of Earth and Place draws from the idea of home. The place we inhabit and where we come from are instrumental in who we are. The inspiration for this collection is the beauty of the Art Deco buildings surrounding Kristen Dorsey’s home, as well as the plants that are part of her Chickasaw heritage.


This pendant is cast in sterling silver and set with your stone choice.


2” hang on the pearl, labradorite, garnet, or apatite. Adjustable chain length of 15”-18”


Of Earth and Place - Nurturing a future rooted in the place we forever call home.

Handmade in Los Angeles