Shield Ring in Black Ruthenium
Shield Ring in Black Ruthenium

Shield Ring in Black Ruthenium

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This statement making ring features a unique moonstone or aquamarine in a diamond shaped cabochon cut. The three pieces of the ring are hinged together to allow for a full range of motion. The two ring shanks are fully adjustable to fit most ring sizes. The ring pieces were molded and cast from original hand sculpted pieces by Kristen Dorsey using a traditional relief sculpture technique.


The shield symbol, a design theme throughout the Panther Woman collection, symbolizes the strength and courage of our Chickasaw women throughout history. The shield represents how women are the defenders of their families, communities, and culture. Panther Woman, the namesake of the collection, is a historical heroine from Chickasaw oral tradition. The design represents a sun disk pattern commonly found on ancient southeastern shell carvings from the Chickasaw homelands.


This ring is cast in sterling silver, plated in black ruthenium and set with your stone choice.


Approximately 3 inches in length. The bottom side of this ring features adjustable hinges to fit most ring sizes.


The Panther Woman

Handmade in Los Angeles