Shield Cuff in Black Ruthenium

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As seen in Instore Magazine

The Shield cuff is a versatile piece that can be worn with either the point of the shield design pointing up, or pointing down. The wire-work elegantly wraps around the wrist. The cuff is cast in solid sterling silver and can be adjusted to fit most wrist sizes. The cuff was molded and cast from an original hand sculpted piece by Kristen Dorsey using a traditional relief sculpture technique.


The shield symbol, a design theme throughout the Panther Woman collection, symbolizes the strength and courage of our Chickasaw women throughout history. The shield represents how women are the defenders of their families, communities, and culture. Panther Woman, the namesake of the collection, is a historical heroine from Chickasaw oral tradition. The design represents a sun disk pattern commonly found on ancient southeastern shell carvings from the Chickasaw homelands.


This cuff is cast in sterling silver and plated in black ruthenium.


3.2”x2.4”x2.3”, adjustable to fit most wrist sizes


The Panther Woman

Handmade in Los Angeles