Hatchet Wrap Bracelet in Rose Gold
Hatchet Wrap Bracelet in Rose Gold

Hatchet Wrap Bracelet in Rose Gold

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Two crossed hatchets symbolize the weapon of choice for Chickasaw women of the 1730s who effectively defended their families and homes from European invaders. With hand carved details, this statement bracelet allows you to keep the empowering symbol of the hatchet women close. 


Two crossed hatchets cast in sterling silver plated in rose gold, are strung on leather cord dyed with lead-free dyes in either turquoise, purple, black or white. Each bracelet wraps around most wrists three times and is finished with a KDD logo tag on one end. The other end may be trimmed down.


0.75” x 0.75” charm


The Hatchet Women ~ Indigenous Resistance since 1736

During the French Indian Wars of the 1730s, villages in our southeastern homelands were under attack by French Soldiers looking to take our resources and harm our people. However, they were stopped by Chickasaw women. Armed with hatchets and skilled in combat, these unconquerable women forced the French to retreat.

Handmade in Los Angeles

*Pieces are made to be hypo-allergenic and less likely to tarnish.