Blood Bling Necklace

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This piece is available for purchase, however It will be part of a traveling art exhibition beginning in 2018. Please contact info@kristendorseydesigns.com for more information.


Blood Bling comments on the play of superficiality and weight that Government Issued Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood Cards carry. An individual in possession of one of these cards is deemed a 'card carrying Indian.' The concept of 'blood quantum' is a European creation and did not exist in Indigenous communities. It is based on the racist notion that culture follows blood and that the european blood/culture is stronger and that the Native blood/culture, therefore the 'Native blood' would 'breed out'. This tool of colonization remains steadfast in contemporary American culture and negatively affects Indigenous peoples who must apply for their CDIB cards from the American government in order to prove their cultural identities. The irony of this is that no other ethnic or cultural group must apply for membership to the United States Government. The controversial cards are both a tool of power, yet are deemed necessary for native nations to identify true members. Each tribal government handles the blood quantum issues differently, however it remains a troubling and divisive issue for most Indigenous peoples on this continent.


The hand carved frame is cast in bronze and is set with red, white, and blue cubic zirconia. A CDIB card was acid etched into sterling silver and then riveted into the frame. The piece has been selected to be featured in an upcoming anthology about blood quantum issues. The anthology will feature works from leading Native scholars, poets, and artists across Native America.


It hangs on a 35" gold plated vintage chain.


Earth Water Sky

Handmade in Los Angeles