Bat Wing Ear Cuffs

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This ear cuff is designed to fit all ear shapes. The posts are located behind the bat wings and secure the wings to the ears while the wire can be shaped to fit behind and hook over the top of the ear to support the rest of the piece.

Artist Statement:

This is an etherial statement piece celebrating the critical role that bats and other pollinating creatures play in the ecosystems that we depend upon.  Today's rapidly changing climate forces us to examine the individual roles we play in preserving our environment for future generations. The collar transforms the wearer by blurring the lines between human and bat - reminding us that we are each parts of a whole and that we must take immediate action to be better ancestors.

-Kristen Dorsey


These ear cuffs are fabricated in fine silver.


3" height x approx. 1.25" thickest width, with adjustable ear wire


One- of- a- kind

Handmade in Los Angeles