Aquamarine Hatchet Statement Collar

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Invoke the power and legacy of the Hatchet Women with this statement collar. The cool blue of the 3 ct aquamarine brings clarity to the wearer while representing water, one of our most valuable resources - to be guarded for future generations. The bravery of the Hatchet Women is immortalized with two crossed Hatchets sculpted from silver using ancient techniques. The background is stamped with a scale pattern represent the sky serpent, a southeastern deity who controls the weather. The sky serpent motif connects back to past KDD pieces.


This collar is cast and fabricated in sterling silver and set with Aquamarine. It is meticulously antiqued and polished to bring out the unique sculptural details and textures. The heavy gauge wire is adjustable allowing for the piece to be taken on and off. For fit questions or custom requests please contact us.


Center casting; 2" long x 3.5" wide, with adjustable collar opening, 6” long x 6” wide,


The Hatchet Women - Indigenous Resistance since 1736

During the French Indian Wars of the 1730s, villages in our southeastern homelands were under attack by French Soldiers looking to take our resources and harm our people. However, they were stopped by Chickasaw women. Armed with hatchets and skilled in combat, these unconquerable women forced the French to retreat.

Handmade in Los Angeles

*Pieces are made to be hypo-allergenic and less likely to tarnish.