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How to Clean And Care For Your KDD Jewelry

Because your jewelry item is so precious, it deserves your regular attention. Basic care will help preserve and protect your jewelry for years to come.

Protect your jewelry from impact against hard surfaces during sports or manual tasks. Keep your jewelry away from harsh chemicals such as chlorine and household bleach. Limit your jewelry’s exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, sunlight, and any kind of personal body product, which may damage jewelry.


Always store your jewelry, when at home or traveling, in individual compartments, safe from the potential damage caused by contact with other jewelry or items. When possible, keep your jewelry in an airtight container, pouch or soft lined box.



Sterling Silver

For routine maintenance,  clean jewelry piece in warm water with a few drops of mild liquid soap and gently hand wash. Thoroughly rinse and completely dry the silver before storing.

In order to remove tarnish, we recommend using either a non- abrasive silver polishing cloth or a liquid silver cleaner (avoiding contact with gemstones).  For pieces with an antique finish use a polishing cloth only.  For textured pieces (which do not have an antique finish) use a soft tooth brush with the silver cleaner.  After using either method, rinse the silver jewelry thoroughly in warm water and dry carefully with a soft cloth.

Silver Polishing Cloth:

Natural Liquid Silver Cleaner:

Plated Silver

To clean your jewelry that is plated, use a small amount of mild liquid soap and warm water. Rub your jewelry gently with a soft cloth to clean. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly and dry.

Note: do not use a polishing cloth on plated pieces, as this can damage the finish of your piece.


Since some gemstones are delicate, hot water, harsh chemicals and cleaners should be avoided at all times. We advise cleaning your precious stones with a clean, soft cloth after wearing.  For more specific gemstone care please contact us at