About Kristen Dorsey Designs


Chickasaw storytelling in metal and stone

“I firmly believe culture is never lost. It is only forgotten. Creating art is a way to remember.”


Using traditional materials and techniques of ancient Mississippian art and Chickasaw culture, our designs capture the power and meaning of Kristen’s Chickasaw heritage and the energy of our contemporary culture. Copper, freshwater pearls, and the rich symbolism of southeastern Native American people combine to create our signature look and style.

About Our Collections

Each collection has a story to tell drawn from Kristen’s Chickasaw heritage, life experiences, and personal style. You’ll be challenged, inspired, and intrigued by the background of every piece.

About Our Designer

Kristen Dorsey, a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation, combines a passion for creativity and art with a fascination for the cultural heritage of her people. Her work reflects the inspiration she draws from the stories, lives, and history of her people.


Jewelry Care Guide

Congratulations on your new KDD piece! Here is some helpful information about how to keep it looking it's best.