Two Worlds Gorget

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In Mississippian cosmology there are three worlds; the upper sky world, the lower underwater world, and the middle world of the earth's surface. The duality of the upper and lower worlds create a balance without which life is not possible. Please see below for the full story on the Two Worlds Gorget piece.


In my Two Worlds Gorget, I divide the crescent shaped gorget into two parts, which unite to clasp the ropes of black pearls. The right side depicts a winged serpent, a deity of the sky world. The left side depicts an underwater panther, a deity of the underwater world. The two meet in the center with a hinge masked by a copper panel etched with a turtle shell pattern, the turtle, or 'loksi' in the Chickasaw language, carries great spiritual significance and represents the Earth. Additionally the use of copper and silver symbolizes this concept of duality. The pearls are a traditional adornment material and in this piece they are used to reference both the rivers that they are from and the path of souls.


This piece is created using copper and silver.


Coming Soon.



Handmade in Los Angeles

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