Night Huntress Collar in Fine Silver

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This collar is hand fabricated in fine silver (.999) using the ancient technique of chasing and repoussé.  This process allows the artist to hand sculpt sheet metal into fluid, organic forms. This piece coordinates with the Bat Wing Ear Cuffs.

Artist Statement:

This is an etherial statement piece celebrating the critical role that bats and other pollinating creatures play in the ecosystems that we depend upon.  Today's rapidly changing climate forces us to examine the individual roles we play in preserving our environment for future generations. The collar transforms the wearer by blurring the lines between human and bat - reminding us that we are each parts of a whole and that we must take immediate action to be better ancestors.

-Kristen Dorsey


7.5" height, with adjustable neck opening approx. 5.5"-6.5"


One- of- a- kind

Handmade in Los Angeles

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