Butterfly Ring
Butterfly Ring
Butterfly Ring

Butterfly Ring

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The butterfly is a powerful symbol of re-birth and renewal.  One day last spring an incredible mass migration of painted lady butterflies moved north through Southern California. This otherworldly sight of constant, fast moving butterflies inspired me to carve this ring.  To me, these butterflies became the ultimate symbol of strength as they sped through the air for hundreds of miles on their journey. 


This ring is cast  in Sterling Silver with an antique finish. With available plating options in Rose Gold and Black Ruthenium. Ring is set with a rose cut Oregon Sunstone. 


Ring is 6 mm in width at thickest point. Sunstone is 5 mm. 


Oklhili' Hashi' translates to "night sun" in the Chickasaw language.  It is our phrase for moon. This collection honors those moments of life changing transformation, when challenging times might break you down, yet you emerge a stronger, more radiant version of yourself.  I began this collection shortly after the birth of my daughter, who is my Oklhili' Hashi'. This experience of giving and nurturing new life has been one of the most challenging, yet one of the most transformative times of my life.  Each piece of this collection celebrates the the power of change and transformation, and symbolizes new strength that emerges to shine light in the darkness. 


Handmade in Los Angeles

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