NEW Okhli'li Hashi Collection

Okhli'li Hashi translates to "night sun" in the Chickasaw language.  It is our phrase for moon. The pieces in this collection honor those moments of life changing transformation, when challenging times might break you down, yet you emerge a stronger, more radiant version of yourself.  I began this collection shortly after the birth of my daughter, who is my Okli'li Hashi. This experience of giving and nurturing new life has been one of the most challenging, yet one of the most transformative times of my life. 
Each piece of this collection celebrates the power of change and transformation, and symbolizes new strength that emerges to shine light in the darkness. 
The pieces I am releasing now took me months of intricate wax carving. They feature panthers - a powerful clan animal from Chickasaw culture.  Panthers hunt at night in the Chickasaw homelands of the southeast, and to me symbolize power and courage.  The designs also feature tiny stars set with white sapphires.