Yaupon Earrings in Rose Gold

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These earrings combine the timeless arched look of the 1920s with an organic shape reminiscent of the Yaupon plant. They look great with smaller studs like the Small Triangle Studs, Deco Studs and with the matching Yaupon Pendant.


Yaupon is the only indigenous plant in North America that produces caffeine. It was used for tea and was a trade commodity for ancestors of modern day southeastern tribes. The vibrant colored stones symbolize energy and the plant’s red berries.


These earrings are cast in sterling silver and plated in rose gold. They are set with opal and blue sapphire.


1.1” x 1.8”


Of Earth and Place - Nurturing a future rooted in the place we forever call home.

Handmade in Los Angeles

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