Grape Tassel Earrings in Rose Gold

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The original design of these earrings was created using the ancient technique of Chasing and repoussé. Chasing and repoussé was a process used by Chickasaw ancestors to create hand sculpted designs out of hammered flat metal. Tiny possum grapes accent a central pyramid-cut banded blue lace agate. The art-deco inspired framing around the possum grapes is embellished with fiery purple sapphires set in solid sterling silver, plated rose gold. A Dramatic tassel of hand strung chalcedony adorns the bottom of the earrings.


Possum grapes are a favorite fruit of both past and present Chickasaw people. These tiny wild grapes can be found throughout the southeast as well as in Oklahoma. A popular recipe still made today is possum grape dumplings.


These earrings are cast in sterling silver with a rose gold plate. They are set with blue lace agate, purple sapphires and chalcedony tassels.

Option: can be made without tassels.


1.6" x 2.8" (length includes tassel)

1.6" x 1.6" (length without tassel)


Of Earth and Place - Nurturing a future rooted in the place we forever call home.

Handmade in Los Angeles

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