Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Inspired Gifts For Fierce Womxn

Celebrate yourself or a loved one with storytelling in Metal & Stone

Pearls were always important to my Chickasaw ancestors.  They were harvested from many species of freshwater shellfish indigenous to the Mississippi river and It's tributaries. Used in various forms of adornment they were highly valued for their ability to reflect the light of the sun.  They were crafted into necklaces, sewn onto garments, and even used to drape the ceilings of important buildings at various mound sites throughout the southeast. For me pearls represent how my Chickasaw ancestors sought out beauty and craftsmanship - values that inspire me as I create my jewelry. 

Pieces featured: Sterling Silver Pearl Water Disk Chain Bracelet &
Sterling Silver Pearl Water Disk Pendant 


I am forever astounded at the strength and resilience of womxn.  With each piece, I love celebrating womxn from history who were fierce and victorious. The Guardian Statement ring from my Hatchet Womxn collection tells the story of when Chickasaw women successfully defended their homes from French Attackers.  The Directional ring and deco ring are designed to bring you moments of beauty and calm as you live your dreams fearlessly. 
Pieces featured: Rose Gold Opal Deco Ring,
Rose Gold Moonstone Directional Ring & Rose Gold Guardian Ring 


Indigenous Resistance Since 1736 - The Hatchet Women Collection tote celebrates a battle where Indigenous women were victorious over European Men.  These histories are ones that the euro-centric history books would rather forget, which is why I seek to highlight them through my work.  I see the legacy of the Chickasaw "Hatchet Womxn" as alive and thriving in the work of women who are fighting for human rights and environmental justice.


Please note that this batch of totes uses the spelling 'women' rather than 'womxn'.  In future batches, we will produce these with an updated logo with the 'womxn' spelling. Thank you for your patience as we work to shift our language to encompass all gender variants.