Thoughts about Water Protectors on Martin Luther King Junior Day

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”

Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. both spoke and wrote this powerful line inspired by the words of abolitionist Theodore Parker.  The universal mission to shift society towards equality and justice for all has and still is arduous and fraught with setbacks.  However, Dr. King’s words hold a message of hope.  

The night of November 20th, 2016 I watched live feeds from North Dakota in horror as peaceful crowds were fired upon by militarized police using water cannons, sound grenades, and tear gas canisters in freezing temperatures.  This resulted in hundreds of injuries to people who were peacefully demonstrating against the dangerous dakota access pipeline.  Indeed the road to environmental justice and Indigenous rights feels long and dark.

Yet I take comfort in studying the heroic progression of the civil rights movement.  While there is still so much progress to be made before people of color see fair and equal treatment in America, through sheer determination and relentless hope, the participants in the civil rights movement changed minds, hearts, and even laws.  I truly believe that when many unite together, we have the power to create meaningful change. Many drops create rivers, and rivers carve canyons.  

Today I am grateful that through my own creative practice and with the support of customers like you, I am able to contribute my own drop of water to this river.  With proceeds from your December orders, we were able to donate to the Water Protector Legal Collective, an organization fighting for justice for the water protectors who courageously stood up to corporate greed in defense of clean, drinkable water for all because Water is Life.



 Kristen, photographed in beautiful Sulphur, Oklahoma.
Kristen, photographed in beautiful Sulphur, Oklahoma.