The significance of the Yaupon Earrings & Pendant

Of course, my Chickasaw heritage is always present in my work. The culture and experience of my people are a part of all I do. In this new collection, I’m inspired by several plants which are an important part of daily life for my tribe.

Yaupon is the only indigenous plant in North America containing caffeine and was traditionally used for tea.  Ancestors of modern day Southeastern tribes harvested and processed Yaupon because it was a valuable trade commodity. As a coffee addict, I was excited to learn that my people have used caffeine for thousands of years! The vibrant colored stones in my Yaupon designs symbolize energy, as well as the plant’s red berries.

Other plants, such as Possum Grapes and Price’s Potato Bean are a part of the inspiration for this collection as well. These plants are not only beautifully shaped, they’ve been staple foods of my people for generations.

I live and work in the historic core neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles. Many of the buildings in this area were built in the 1920’s.The geometric Art Deco lines  balanced with sculpted plant life seemed a perfect fit for my work. 

By blending elements of my heritage with all things Art Deco, I’ve created sexy new pieces I love to wear. I’m confident you’ll love them too.

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