Stacking Rings to Try on this Summer

A new collection ring and summer art walk next week!

We hope to see you there!

Butterfly Ring

The butterfly is a powerful symbol of re-birth and renewal.  One day last spring an incredible mass migration of painted lady butterflies moved north through Southern California. This otherworldly sight of constant, fast moving butterflies inspired me to carve this ring.  To me, these butterflies became the ultimate symbol of strength as they sped through the air for hundreds of miles on their journey. 

Boat Stone Ring in Rose Gold

It is thought that boat stones were used in the ancient southeast as a spear weight or for ceremonial purposes. They were perfectly carved out of a variety of stones and polished to a high gleam. The side of this timeless shape is carved with a symbolic feather pattern inspired by ancient shell carvings.

Sun Disk Ring in Rose Gold

The hand carved ring is detailed with an intricate sunburst pattern inspired by an ancient southeastern carved shell gorget. The sun disk pattern was also used in other southeastern carved shell pieces to depict the feathered wings of southeastern sky dieties.