This past weekend was the annual Chickasaw Festival and Reunion.  Each year I get to participate in a world class art show for artists from southeastern tribes called the South Eastern Art Show and Market.  The show is held on the grounds of the historic Chickasaw Capitol Building in Tishomingo, OK during the many other festival events.  Chickasaw’s from around the country all travel to be together during this weekend of celebrations and activities.  This year was especially significant because I got to meet fellow Chickasaw citizen Triana Browne – the reigning Miss Oklahoma.  I created a custom jewelry set that represents our unique jewelry traditions for her Miss America events.  It was thrilling to see the pieces with the rest of her outfit – created by chickasaw artists and inspired by Chickasaw traditions. 

As always, the festival flew by too quickly and I am back at home missing my people.  However, I am celebrating the first official Indigenous Peoples Day here in Los Angeles, and I am so grateful that I was able to gather with friends and family to celebrate our culture and the future of the Chickasaw Nation this past weekend.  

Tirana Browne in her Chickasaw dress and jewelry. 

The rose gold hair comb worn by Tirana Browne. 

A view of the old bank building in Tishomingo.

The KDD booth in the Morning Light.