Mother’s Day Sale

Get her what she really wants – hand crafted Chickasaw jewelry designed with meaning and purpose! This Mother’s Day take 15% off + free shipping on all pieces on our website using code “ilovemom”. Shop quickly as this sale ends Friday May 5th at midnight!

Let’s face it, our moms are the modern-day warriors that we all hope to be one day!  For the mom that does it all nothing is better than quality time… and jewelry!  To get you Mother’s Day inspired, we caught up with one of our favorite mother daughter duos, Hayley and Brenda! We asked about their favorite KDD pieces and the special bond they share.  They’re so awesome, we just love them!

What piece of ours do you love the most? “My favorite pieces of Kristen’s jewelry are the Panther earrings, Yaupon earring and necklace set that I am wearing in the photo, and my Heart of Shield pendant. You and your mom both love and collect KDD jewelry,  are there any pieces you share? My mother and I share the Panther Gorget, which she is wearing in the photo. Besides jewelry shopping, what else to you love to do together? In addition to attending art events together, my mom and I enjoy going to the movies, the ballet, and getting mani-pedis.” Thank you both so much! We hope you celebrate a fun Mother’s Day in style!