Miss Oklahoma Wears KDD Jewelry for the Miss America Competition!

This summer, Triana Browne, a fellow citizen of the Chickasaw Nation, was crowned as Miss Oklahoma!  Shortly after, I was thrilled to receive a call from the Chickasaw Nation asking me to collaborate with a group of Chickasaw artists to create a special ensemble for her. It was an incredible honor to be asked by my Nation to create pieces that represent our culture in such a prestigious event.  Also, Triana exemplifies the strength and determination that Chickasaw women are known for throughout our history.  Read about her incredible story here.

The jewelry pieces I created each represent elements of ancient Chickasaw adornment and were crafted using the sculptural techniques of my ancestors. Scroll through to see some studio process photos below!

During the Miss America Pageant parade, Triana wears my earrings, necklace, and hair comb to compliment her uniquely inspired Chickasaw tear dress-romper, and intricately beaded booties.

For the full story about the creation of this beautiful ensemble and the artists who made it, please visit http://missok.chickasaw.net/