Mike & Lia – An engagement ring that tells a one of a kind love story

Beautiful jewelry has been keeping me busy around the clock lately but I finally made some time to catch up with my friend Lia las weekend. After deciding to give surfing a miss due to some stormy closed out waves we opted for hot mugs of coffee and plates of eggs instead. It is always great to hang out with a fellow surfer girl/ environmentalist (she works for the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission), however it was also great to visit the engagement/wedding ring set that I custom made for her at her now husband Mike’s request. Here is their story:

My husband and I met surfing in Manhattan Beach. We started talking and soon we were surfing, rock climbing, and scuba diving together. I had seen some of Kristen’s jewelry before and was impressed by how good she was at capturing the mood of the ocean. My husband worked with her in secret to design a ring for me that reflected the depth and foundation of our connection. She helped him select a beautiful half cab sapphire and she set it in a way that makes me feel like I am wearing the ocean on my finger. The setting is carved with symbols of our passions. He proposed on a trip to Hawai’i. I had always wanted to hike the Kalalau Trail on Kauai’s north shore. He carried the ring the entire 11+ mile grueling trail and ask me on the deserted beach at sunset. After our engagement, I worked with Kristen to design a wedding band for me that melded together with the engagement ring, but could still be worn alone and another for my husband that was visually connected to both of my rings. And she was even able to find conflict free stones and reclaimed gold!

This awesome couple recently celebrated their second anniversary – so Happy anniversary Mike and Lia!