Meet our first KDD babe

Adrienne Keene

Who is Adrienne Keene?

Adrienne Keene is a thirty year old post doc fellow at Brown University at the Center for the Study for Race and Ethnicity in America and Anthropology. She is the author of the popular blog Native Appropriations and is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

What are your favorite KDD pieces? Why?

The Rose Gold Sky Serpent Cuff and Rose Gold Four Direction Earrings. I love them because as a Southeastern Native person I like to rep the stuff from my own cultural background because it’s normally hard to find. I love the turtle shells because they represent the stomp dancing traditions.

How does wearing KDD make you feel?

I love the Sky Serpent Cuff because it’s like a wonder woman cuff and it makes me feel powerful whenever I wear it. I wear KDD jewelry to events when I need to carry myself in a certain way. I attend many formal fashion and academic events so I choose these pieces because they are dressy. They also make me feel connected to my community as well as powerful and beautiful.

What is one accomplishment you are most proud of?

Getting my doctorate from Harvard!