Meet olympian and KDD babe, Jessica Hardy

What advice would you give to the next generation of female athletes?

You can beat the boys. I am lucky play a sport where both genders train together, and I get great satisfaction out of beating my male teammates. Expecting greatness from yourself doesn’t have to be limited by our gender, never be afraid to push yourself beyond what is expected of you.

What do you enjoy doing outside of swimming?

I love being active, trying new things, traveling to new places. I spend a lot of my downtime at the beach, bodysurfing, and stand up paddle boarding with my dog. I also love to read, travel, follow fashion, try new food, and trying to learn some German (my husband is Swiss).

What do you look forward to doing if/when you stop competing?

I can’t wait to do more things like sky diving, skiing, surfing, etc. that I’m not really allowed to do right now while training for the Olympics. I also really want to try some new sports like rowing, and maybe even some running.

What is your favorite KDD piece and why?

The Sky Serpent Cuff is the coolest piece of jewelry I’ve ever seen and by far my favorite KDD piece. I wore it to swimming’s biggest award gala, the Golden Goggles, and felt like a warrior princess!

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How do you feel when you wear KDD?

I feel empowered and feminine at the same time.