Kristen’s Trunk Show Thank You!

It was wonderful to meet you at the Chickasaw Cultural Center in beautiful Sulphur, Oklahoma! I hope that you and your family had a wonderful visit to our Chickasaw Cultural Center. As a Chickasaw Citizen living in California, our Cultural Center is like my home away from home.  From the archives that hold the stories of generations Chickasaw families at the Holisso research center, to the beautiful bronze sculptures along the lake by Joanna Underwood which represent our people’s ancient shell carvings, to the beautiful copper adorning the buildings, the Cultural Center cherishes and celebrates our tribal history and culture.  

This is also what I strive to do with my jewelry.  For several thousand years our ancestors have used jewelry to represent their place within their community, as well as to illustrate their world view. Today, I create each design to tell a story about who we are as Chickasaw people, and I invite everyone to wear my pieces with joy, bringing one’s own connection and stories to the pieces. I am honored and thankful that you signed up with my list and I invite you to explore my website. Explore the stories that each design holds and discover how I found my passion for metalworking and making adornment.