KDD babe Traci Morris

Hi everyone,

We would love to introduce our KDD babe Traci Morris! Traci has been a great friend of Kristen’s and a HUGE supporter of KDD jewelry. She’s such a special person, find out more about her below!

Profession: Director of the American Indian Policy Institute at Arizona State University; Member, Board of Directors, Phoenix Indian Center; Member, Consumer Affairs Committee, Federal Communications Commission.

About Traci: Morris is a member of the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma. In her work at both ASU and prior, Morris has worked with Native American tribes; Tribal businesses; Native American non-profits; Native media makers, artists and galleries; written a college accredited curriculum in Native American new media; and has advocated for digital inclusion at the Federal Communications Commission and on Capitol Hill. 

Morris’s research and publications on Native American media and the digital divide is focused on Internet use, digital inclusion, network neutrality, digital and new media curriculum, and development of broadband networks in Indian Country.  Her book, Native American Voices: A Reader, continues to be a primary teaching tool in colleges throughout the country.
As an entrepreneur the prior to her ASU appointment, Morris founded Homahota Consulting LLC a national Native American woman owned professional services firm working in policy analysis, telecommunications, education, and research assisting tribes in their nation-building efforts and working with Native Nations, tribal businesses and those businesses working with tribes.

What is your favorite piece and why? I particularly love the sun disk rings and the claw earrings, both of which I wear nearly every day and have for the past year. I have two sets of the claw earrings, black spinel and labradorite–they protect me. On the weekends, I love to wear the articulated shield ring. I have a number of pieces of Kristen’s work, it is usually hard to decide what to wear. I love it all!

How do you feel when you wear KDD? In my leadership role, I like to represent Chickasaw. I work in the Southwest around Arizona tribes, so wearing Chickasaw pieces is the appropriate way to represent my tribal heritage. It is especially exciting now that people are starting to know Kristen’s work; they ask me “is that a Kristen Dorsey piece?”