KDD babe Robin Arzon

Name, Age (if you want), job title
Robin Arzon, 34, corporate lawyer turned Ambassador of Sweat, running coach, cycling instructor, and ultramarathoner.

Robin’s Bio
SHUTUPANDRUN, my blog, is for athletes who think medals are the highest form of Bling. We sweat with swagger on the streets of our cities. And we never sacrifice style for function. Fueled by the ethos that there is no finish line, my life’s mission – redefine, reform, and rethink possibility through movement.

A former social media producer for Nike Women, coaching athletes is my passion. One time I ran 5 marathons in 5 days across Utah. My to do list has one thing on it: do epic shit.

Sweat is magic and transforms lives. When I’m not training for ultramarathons, I’m a Head Coach at Peloton Cycle. As a co-founder of fitness movement UNDO ORDINARY, I combine sweat and fashion as Editor-In-Chief of print publication, UNDO MAGAZINE.

What is your favorite KDD piece? Why?
I own three pieces from Kristen now. The Small Panther Studs (currently sold out), the Shield Ring in black rhodium and the Small Shield Pendant. I feel that all of Kisten’s pieces are iconic.

How does wearing KDD make you feel?
Accessories are a part of her every day esthetic and Kristen’s pieces translate a message of being powerful and cool. 

 What is one accomplishment you are the most proud of?
A huge accomplishment was the time I ran across Utah.

What does it take to be a trail blazer?
To Robin, being a trailblazer means having a healthy dose of tenacity. She says, “you have to have an unapologetic drive to carve away at a more gritty version of yourself. Trail blazers often live in a less comfortable place”.