Justice for Water Protectors

 Image by  Nicolas Lampert
Image by Nicolas Lampert

January 2018 Update! 

Thank you for all of your online orders last month! Together we raised $425 which was donated to the Water Protector Legal Collective. We are proud to support the WPLC which is providing legal aid to those water protectors who are facing trial this month.  Human rights abuses were inflicted upon peaceful water protectors as they stood against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The militarized police used excessive force against them resulting in injuries and trauma. The collective is bringing a class action lawsuit against the Morton County Sherifs Department on behalf of the injured water protectors. WPLC is continuing the struggle in the courts, defending the state and federal criminal cases as well as existing and new civil cases. For ongoing updates please visit their website regularly and follow them on Facebook.

Our December Pledge

Last year, Kristen Dorsey Designs donated funds to standingrock.org to aid in the fight against DAPL. This year we are pledging 10% of online December sales to the water protector legal collective.

What I love most about December is that it is a time for friends, family, and giving.  It’s a time where we contemplate all that we are grateful for and all that we want to accomplish next in the new year. As I reflect on this past year, I am reminded of the work that still needs to be done for social and environmental justice.  On a daily basis I hear of a new pipeline being built, a new environmental protection being lifted, and a new oil spill.  One year ago, a community of brave Indigenous leaders from around the world, along with hundreds of allies, converged at the cannonball river on Dakota treaty lands to defend the water – a resource essential to all life.  

This went beyond a pipeline protest –  it became a movement.  A movement led by Indigenous people in defense of our water, our planet, and of future generations. Each day, mega corporations, supported by the Trump administration, drill, mine, and build pipelines without adequate environmental review.  These activities already lead to countless pipeline malfunctions, oil spills, water contamination, and not to mention greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming. 

Although the Trump Administration sided with corporations over the health of the North Dakota watershed and the people and animals that rely on it, many of the water protectors still need our help.  The Water Protector Legal Collective has been providing legal services to hundreds of water protectors throughout this past year.

From the water protector legal collective:

“Water Protector Legal Collective was born in the encampments at Standing Rock. We came at the invitation of Standing Rock tribal leadership and began our work out of a tent – offering legal advice, advocacy and representation to everyone in camp. We were there when the destruction of sacred sites began; when the dogs were attacking; when the water cannons were directed at us in sub-freezing temperatures; and when camp was cleared. We celebrated with you all when the injunction was announced and we cried with you all when it was lifted and when oil began to flow under Lake Oahe. And we are still here today.”

“We made a commitment to see these cases through until the very end. We did so with a full understanding of what that would mean. We are still here, working day and night to honor that promise and fighting hard for each and every Water Protector with criminal charges. We have not let up on the struggle to seek accountability from the state and from private contractors for their extreme violence and for the destruction of sacred sites and for yet another insult to indigenous sovereignty that this pipeline represents.”

This is why we must not abandon the brave people who sacrificed their personal safety and well being for all of us. They need legal aid right now.  Right now, through the end of December, 10% of each sale will be donated to the legal fund.  All are also encouraged to donate directly as well to either this organization, or several other worthy and important Indigenous rights organizations below: