Inside the Studio

Scroll through behind the scenes photos on the making of a one-of-a-kind Pair of earrings! 

1. Fabricating 18k gold bezels -Each stone setting is carefully fit and shaped for diamond cabochon Moonstones.  

2. Preparing to solder bezels to the fine silver back plate.  This design-work echoes art deco architecture.

3. Cutting gold solder.  Gold solder is used in the soldering process to bond the gold stone settings to the fine silver pieces.

4. Lighting my torch with my assistant in the background.  Bottom left corner: Uggs the rescue dog observes.

5. Soldering the gold and silver pieces together with a cameo of the Guardian Statement Ring

6. Bending 18k gold wire for the framework around the earrings.  Details like wire framing in 18k yellow gold will make these gemstones pop.

7. Various pieces waiting to be assembled.  Half way through this project! We can’t wait to show you these special one of a kind earrings.

Stayed tuned for the photos of the finished one-of-a-kind earring!