Finding Inspiration in the Waves

Growing up, the beach was a large part of my life. My Dad is a marine biologist, and his work involved students and research boats. He often took me with them, sharing his love of the sea and it’s creatures with me. These memories are part of the inspiration I bring to my work.

The ocean remains a powerful force in my life. Surfing is my passion – providing the opportunity to both relax and exercise. My time in the ocean helps me leave stress behind me and feel truly alive.

Several of my pieces find their inspiration in power and magnificence of the ocean. From the rings and earrings of the Barnacle Collection, with the stones hidden inside the curves and contours of silver and other precious metals, to the swirling lines of the Water Disc pieces, my love for the ocean is expressed in my work.


Wearing these pieces is like carrying a hint of the ocean with you. Enjoy!