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The shield symbol, a design theme throughout the Panther Woman collection, symbolizes the strength and courage of our Chickasaw women throughout history. The shield represents how women are the defenders of their families, communities, and culture. 
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 In Indigenous southeastern cultures, panthers are guardians of water, a life giving and powerful resource that shapes landscapes. Crowning the panthers is a star carving set with a white sapphire, representing how light from the moon and stars will illuminate your path through darkness, allowing you to emerge a stronger version of yourself. Wear this necklace to embrace change and lead with courage.
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Two crossed hatchets symbolize the weapon of choice for Chickasaw women of the 1730s who effectively defended their families and homes from European invaders. With hand carved details, these statement studs allow you to keep the empowering symbol of the hatchet women close.
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Panther Woman, the namesake of the collection, is a historical heroine from Chickasaw oral tradition. The design represents a sun disk pattern commonly found on ancient southeastern shell carvings from the Chickasaw homelands.
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The Sun Disk Ring is hand carved and detailed with an intricate sun disk pattern inspired by an ancient southeastern carved shell gorget. 
It thought that boat stones were used in the ancient southeast as a spear weight or for ceremonial purposes.
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The iconic Water Disk evokes the frothy pattern of foam made after a wave breaks and is a homage to the rivers of the Chickasaw homelands.