Our dear friend, Adrienne Keene was recently honored at The Frederick Douglass 200. This year is Frederick Douglass’s Bicentennial celebration. "The Frederick Douglass 200 is a project to honor the impact of 200 living individuals who best embody the work and spirit of Douglass across those areas where he had such an impact - abolitionist, politician, writer, feminist, educator, entrepreneur and diplomat." - The Guardian 
Congratulations Adrienne! 

"As a Cherokee woman, and one of the few Native people being honored, I wanted to make sure I was able to represent my culture and identity in that space, and Kristen's jewelry was the perfect way for me to do that -- her designs draw upon Southeastern Native stories and designs, and let me proudly showcase where I come from and feel fierce and gorgeous as well. I was able to talk too so many peoplle about the jewelry, and loved being able to tell the stories of Panther Woman and the underwater panther and share that piece of my culture with everyone there. When I was trying to think of what jewelry I wanted to wear for the gala, Kristen was the first person I thought of. Wado Kristen!" 
Adrienne Keene
Read about the award and all winners here


Pieces Adrienne worn:

Shield Cuff- The shield symbol, a design theme throughout the Panther Woman collection, symbolizes the strength and courage of our Chickasaw women throughout history. The shield represents how women are the defenders of their families, communities, and culture. Panther Woman, the namesake of the collection, is a historical heroine from Chickasaw oral tradition. 

Hatchet Hinge Ring- Four crossed hatchets are subtly woven into the powerful design of this statement ring. Hatchets symbolize the weapon of choice for Chickasaw women of the 1730s who effectively defended their families and homes from European invaders. Today we wield knowledge instead of hatchets, however, we are no less fierce than our grandmothers, and will pass on this gift of strength to our granddaughters.