A Love Letter to my KDDbabes

I am constantly inspired by the women around me.  My social media feeds, my family life, and my professional life are filled to the brim with women who are accomplishing their goals while inspiring and supporting each other.   

These fierce females push me to live fearlessly and to not shy away from any obstacles I encounter.  I feel incredibly humbled and lucky that they choose to wear my jewelry, whether they pair it with work boots, or wear it in the boardroom, they create positive change in the world and do it in style.

This is why throughout the year I have been highlighting ladies who each have a unique passion which has led them to be leaders in their fields along with the jewelry pieces that compliment their individual style.

Archaeologist Jessica Fleming Crawford is a force to be reckoned with. She is the Southeast Regional Director for The Archaeological Conservancy, a non-profit preservation organization. When important sites are threatened by looting and development, she works tirelessly to save them. My tribe, the Chickasaw Nation is especially grateful to her and her organization for her work to protect the sacred sites of our southeastern homelands. For more in Jessica, check out her interview!

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Traci Morris is the Director of the American Indian Policy Institute at Arizona State University; A Member of the Board of Directors at the Phoenix Indian Center; a Member of the Consumer Affairs Committee at the Federal Communications Commission. Through all of these roles, she fights to create economic and educational opportunities for Native Americans in the digital age.

Traci’s interview can be found here.

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Jessica Hardy, a past olympic swimmer,  has won a total of twenty-eight medals in major international competition, fourteen gold, nine silver, and five bronze spanning the Olympics, World and the Pan Pacific Championships. However, what I admire most about her is the work she does to educate and inspire future generations of female athletes.  She teaches that “you can beat the boys”. “ I am lucky play a sport where both genders train together, and I get great satisfaction out of beating my male teammates. Expecting greatness from yourself doesn’t have to be limited by our gender, never be afraid to push yourself beyond what is expected of you.”

Read the rest of Jessica’s interview now!

Kristen made Jessica custom studs for her competitions because she love to express her style in the water with unique studs.  Get the look with these studs!

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