Pearls have been used by my Chickasaw ancestors for thousands of years. Chickasaws lived in the southeastern region of the United States until we were removed from our homelands beginning in 1836. Our original homelands encompassed an ecologically diverse area spanning from northern Mississippi, and northern Alabama, to southern Tennessee. Our contemporary tribe is descended from the mound...

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Another sneak peak at the final touches on the one of a kind earrings! So many steps, skills, and details are put into each of our pieces to create one of a kind statement-making pieces!

Above: Kristen paints the silver with a patina to add contrast with the yellow gold and to the design and to highlight the beautiful lavender flashes in the moonstones. 

Below: Kristen uses her flex shaft...

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Dear March birthday babes, 

The ocean is my happy place, therefore, any blue stones like Aquamarine will forever inspire me. Your birthstone, aquamarine, is one of the most beautiful blue gemstones with shades ranging from pale pastel blue to bright sea foam. Aquamarine is said to bring tranquility, wisdom, and clarity to the wearer. I love working with this material because anything water-themed...

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Scroll through behind the scenes photos on the making of a one-of-a-kind Pair of earrings! 

1. Fabricating 18k gold bezels -Each stone setting is carefully fit and shaped for diamond cabochon Moonstones.  

2. Preparing to solder bezels to the fine silver back plate.  This design-work echoes art deco architecture.

3. Cutting gold solder. Gold solder is used in the soldering...

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